Buying Gold and Silver

We buy gold and silver

Over recent years gold and silver prices have risen to prices never seen before; as a result it is an excellent time to sell unwanted, unused or broken gold and silver items. We find that many customers are delighted with the amount of cash they receive for what they consider to be just a few bits and bobs!

Our aim is to offer the best competitive price we can while keeping track of the constantly changing bullion prices. We always have an experienced gold and silver buyer available Mon – Sat, 9am till 4.30pm. Items are assessed and graded in your presence at which time we will make you an offer and if you are happy to proceed, we ask for ID and cash (or cheque, if preferred) is then paid immediately or we can make a payment into your bank account.

The sorts of items regularly brought into us are:

  • Unwanted, unused or broken jewellery
  • Gold and Silver coins
  • Military Medals
  • Silver cutlery/teapots/trophies/tankards etc.
  • Antique Silver – we buy and sell various items of antique silver from Candlesticks and Spoons to Jewellery Boxes and Photo Frames